Collision Repair And Auto Painting

Have you been in an accident? If so, we're sorry to hear that but we are here to help. Let us take the stress of your vehicle repair off your mind and let us put our many years of auto body and auto painting repair knowledge to work for you ... Is your bumper dented in or scratched and in need or repair or replacement? ... No Problem.   Do you have a scratch on your brand new car and want it repaired so that it is undetectable and the color match is flawless? ... No Problem.    Do you have extensive collision damage that is in need of repair and want your paint to be color matched perfectly and blended so that the car looks as if nothing ever happened? ... No Problem !!!  ... Heck we even fix bad collision repairs and bad paint jobs that the other body shops did. 

   If you ask any of our past customers"Who is the best body shop in Mooresville?" were confident the answer will be Autobody Specialists.

Why you ask? Simple. Customer service and quality workmanship is our priority. We work with all insurance companies to inspect, schedule, order the correct parts for your particular vehicle and complete the repair in a timely fashion and get you back behind the wheel and out of the repair shop seamlessly. Trust the body shop that makes collision repair easy, affordable and reliable. We will give you an honest answer to any question you may have about your repair and we use tried and true methods to repair your vehicle as if it were our own. We will even help arrange a rental car for you if one is needed. If you were involved in a parking lot scrape or happened to back into something on your own property, we also handle owner paid repairs as well as third party repairs, all at a reasonable cost. If you car is in need of a paint job to freshin it up a bit or you found a nice second car for the family that needs some body and paint refurbishing, we are up to the task with a variety of options available to you so that we can taylor the work needed into a package that can work with almost any budget. So if your thinking of taking your vehicle to that other famous brand name DISCOUNT body shop, we say think again! We will do better work at competitive pricing and it will last .... unlike those OTHER guys! 

  Take a look at the rest of this page and see some before and after photos of vehicles that we have repaired then give us a call or use our appointment page to schedule a time for us to look at your vehicle. If your car is not drivable, we can schedule a time to meet you where the car is located and take a look at it there. Thank you for considering us for your vehicles repairs.